The Torti Family & Their Award Winning Wines since 1910

Torti Wine. The family run business with a proud 111 year history. Not only has the brand been successfully established for over a century, it’s also been run by generations of the same family throughout. Current owner Dino Torti’s Father and Grandfather have previously held ownership of this prestigious Italian wine production company, and through Dino the legacy continues.

Historically the company initially only sold their wine in Italy, however, they have recently ventured to other parts of the world. In the process they have been awarded many of the highest quality ratings and certifications available, it is therefore clear to see why their wines sell for over one hundred euros in many prestigious Dubai establishments.

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The Family History

Boasting ancient traditions for the cultivation of Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines, the Torti Family have been producing wine since 1910.

The Torti Winery is located in Oltrepò Pavese, an area in Italy which is situated within a geographic triangle created by Santa Maria Della Versa, Montecalvo Versiggia and Rocca Dé Giorgi. This location is particularly known for the cultivation of vines, the favourite being Pinot Nero.

The Torti Winery has been a family-run business for generations. Wines, grapes and vineyards have been a part of the Torti Family’s life ever since the beginning of last century when Giovanni Torti, the initial owner of Torti Wine, owned vines in an area which was particularly known for its wine production. After running the business for the remainder of his working career, Giovanni passed his wine-making responsibilities down to his son, Enrico. The business survived another generation with Enrico in charge, whilst also undergoing a few improvements along the way.


The company then went through further improvements when Dino, Giovanni’s grandson (and Enrico’s son), took charge of the family’s grape cultivation and wine production business. Since becoming the owner, Dino has expanded their vineyards with a strategic purchase of a nearby area called, Casaleggio. The Torti family – Dino, Giusy (Dino’s wife), Patrizia and Laura (their two daughters) – now produce red, white and sparkling wines as well as rosé.

As of present, the family own a vast area of land in Italy covered in vineyards. Within these vineyards, each grape is carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality of DOC and DOCG wines.

One essential aspect of becoming a successful wine producer is anticipating and accepting the inevitable evolution of the business. Being dynamic is what gives the Torti family an edge on many of their competitors, this is because they are constantly listening to customer feedback and they understand that taste buds change so their wine should do the same.

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The Vineyard


As stated, the family now manages a much larger surface area of land compared to when it was established all those years ago. The entirety of this land is dedicated to the cultivation of certain grapes to produce the finest of wines. The Oltrepò Pavese, where wines have been cultivated for over three thousand years, is where the magic happens. The hilly terrain composed of limestone, loam, and clay is the perfect base for it’s sea of vineyards to grow. The climate, salubrious and refreshing, is unflawed in its aid in growing the vines. The land is airy and cool in the summer and can withstand the harsh, dry, foggy winters. Needless to say, this place has everything needed to cultivate extremely fine wines – and that’s exactly what it does.

Furrowed by waterways, benefited by the microclimate and grown in well-drained soils rich in calcareous marl and clay, it is no wonder that the vines in Oltrepò Pavese are responsible for more than half of the wine produced in the Lombardy region of Italy. As well as this, it is home to almost 9880 acres of the vine producing the Pinot Noir variety, hence it is known as the Pinot Noir capital of Italy!

With a variety of reds, whites and sparkling wines, it is no surprise that one of the longest harvests in the whole of Italy occurs in the Torti family’s vineyards. The climate over in the vineyards can sometimes cause the grapes from the Pinot Noir variety to ripen too early, this is usually a problem but in this instance it is, in fact, useful. The early-ripened grapes are very well suited to the Pinot Noir needed for the sparkling wines; when picked at the early stages of skin ripeness, they display the right balance of sugar and acidity required for these wines.

Once the Pinot Noir for sparkling wine is gathered, the other grapes will then begin to be collected. The white grapes such as Riesling Italico are picked first, followed by the reds like Barbera and Bonarda (also known as Croatina). The Pinot Noir is very important and is a vital ingredient to Torti’s success as it is used in both their sparkling wines as well as in the production of their fine red wines.

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The Wines

You can be assured, every bottle of wine produced by the Torti family has been made with passion, care and great pride to ensure each bottle is just as good as the last. This mind-set has been characterised, clarified and perfected through the generations to get to the point it is at today.

The range of wines available from Torti has drastically increased since 1910 – the start of the business. Where it began small, it has now grown to offer you a number of different wines, all with a unique and delectable taste.

As well as the wine, the cellar has also improved over time. It is now equipped with all the latest wine-making machinery and equipment to ensure the maturation and aging of the wine is of the highest quality and efficiency. From huge barrels and barriques to large modern presses and cutting edge bottling and labelling, every piece of equipment is top quality and produces perfect results.

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Torti Reds

Torti red wines are like no other. With decisive, delicate yet captivating flavours, they will leave an indescribable aftertaste. Worthy of being the protagonist of an evening or accompanying a classy cuisine, they will certainly leave you with a distinctive flavour difficult to forget.

If you choose to drink a Torti red, you have four options to choose from, these are: Pinot Nero, Barbera, and two versions of Bonarda.

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Torti White

A unique Pinot Noir Vinified in white turns a succulent, bold red into a fresh tasting, faintly fruity wine that leaves an unmistakable flavour to the palate. What’s more, this specific wine can praise any dish and bring out the best tastes it has to offer.

This delicious wine is produced in a unique way with the famous Pinot Nero grapes, vines of antique origins from Burgundy and Champagne. Initially a red grape, after being vinified the grapes turn the wine into a desirable white wine through separating the skin and seeds from the juices at an early stage of fermentation.

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Torti Sparkling

Sparkling wine is traditionally drunk for a special cause or as a classical aperitif. Whether it’s a festive cause or another celebration, you’ll be sure to have experienced sparkling wine in the past. For the Torti family, there is a different approach. They suggest this sparkling wine can be enjoyed without a specific reason and instead you should drink it to feel special or simply be well.

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