ROUTE 66 Wine Torti Winery & Tony Moore

Feel the freedom
Torti family and Tony Moore have established a partnership to produce a selection of high quality wines entitled ROUTE 66, inspired by the famous highway in the United States.

Tony Moore’s story with the Torti family.

“I first visited the Torti Winery in May 2019 and was immediately captivated by the passion, vision and attention to detail of everything that went into the making of their wine.  Patrizia Torti was inspirational as she told me the story of her family and explained the creative process, however just as inspirational was the taste and quality of the wine I experienced.

After spending some hours on the estate, I was invited to join the whole family for drinks and food in the evening and, in a moment, was handed an acoustic guitar.  I began to perform some songs for everyone and then, remembering the family phrase “No Torti, No Party” I started playing and singing with no idea of what would come out! I just trusted in a stream of consciousness and my experience of what I’d seen and heard during the day. Three minutes later a brand new song has been born and a deep friendship had evolved”


That friendship and mutual appreciation of each other’s talents has now led to a special collaboration between myself and the Torti family, the “Tony Moore ROUTE 66 signature collection”.

I am proud and excited to share our collective passion for music and wine with the world.

Tony Moore has had a long and eclectic career in the music business. From being a member of Iron Maiden, to playing keyboards with Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight), he has written, recorded and performed music all over the world.

The brand

The romance of ROUTE 66 continues to captivate people around the world. Building on the road’s rich history from the United States, the ROUTE 66 brand has attained a worldwide presence in the retail sector through the license industry. Bringing together the international coverage of the ROUTE 66 brand under one roof, Tempting Brands, the worldwide owner of this fabulous brand, has longstanding licenses for over 25 years! The ROUTE 66 brand has become a huge success in the apparel category, enjoying widespread distribution in in all market levels, from high street retailers to hypermarkets and food retailers from Europe and the United States. After apparel, products from categories like footwear, bags and luggages, home textile, back to school, bicycles, helmets and toiletries have massively reached the stores enjoying customers with an appealing American lifestyle brand.

Tempting Brands, trough its Italian agent DIC 2, has selected Torti Wine L’Eleganza del Vino as the worldwide partner for the ROUTE 66 Wine collections. ROUTE 66 is synonymous of freedom, adventure, rock music, beautiful motorcycle rides and quality of life. Torti winery is a renown all over the world for their excellent wines made with heart and passion. The link between ROUTE 66 and Torti has been natural and we’re sure that ROUTE 66 wines will rock! 

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