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Great Wine Direct & Multi Award Winning Torti Winery Announces Release of new Rainbow Collection

Why not live life in technicolor? Great Wine Direct is making that an exciting possibility with the release of the new Rainbow Collection from Torti Winery of six different quality sparkling wines

Building off a tradition of making magnificent wines since 1910, Torti Winery L’Eleganza del Vino” has a remarkable reputation for creating and releasing remarkable-quality wines. In exciting news, this passion for “wine as art” is coming to life again in their latest release is now available both directly and from Great Wine Direct, the Torti Winery Rainbow Collection. The Rainbow Collection is the work of  Ciro Orsini in collaboration with the Torti Family Estate and features six different sparkling “technicolor” wines sure to be quick favorites.


“The Rainbow Collection Sparkling Wines is our World Wide ‘message’ to live in love, peace, diversity, and respect,” in Ciro’s own word. “We are all brothers and sisters no matter what color, what race, or what country we are from or live.”


The new Rainbow Collection Sparkling Wines are highlighted by a Violet - for Majestic, a Blue - for Calm, a Green - for Balanced, a Yellow - for Happiness, an Orange - for Adventure, and a Red - for Passion sparkling wine choice. Of course both individual bottles and different options for multiple bottle collections are available shipped direct, quickly, securely, and at attractive prices.


Torti Winery is in Montecalvo Versiggia, Italy, with their main distributor Great Wine Direct Ltd.


The Rainbow Collection is made using a long and skilled Charmat Method for Martinotti Sparkling Rosè Wine from Pinot Nero and Chardonay grapes. The color is powerful and persistent and the aroma sweet. While a favorite for many occasions the wines from the collection pair very well with aperitifs, seafoods, sushi and sashimi.

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